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It’s easy to join the PTA! Fill out the form below. (PDF links below in English or Spanish).  Print and attach your payment of check or cash.  Checks should be made out to Broadview Thomson PTA.  Either drop it off in the office or send to school with your child to their teacher.



The Value of PTA Membership:
An Invitation to Join Broadview Thomson K-8 PTA

We invite you to join the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) this year. The PTA organizes parents, teachers, and staff to make your school a better place for your children to learn by addressing the needs of their individual schools. Identifying such needs may lead to solutions on making the school safe, becoming more technologically advance, and bringing enriched educational opportunities to the school. PTA provides a venue for parents to contribute to student success.

Study after study has shown that parent involvement is key to student success in education. PTA brings resources to parents to help their children in the education process. When you are involved with PTA, you get to know the teachers better and become more familiar with the school and what happens there.

While children cannot vote and do not participate in the legislative process, PTA speaks for the interests of all children and their health, welfare, safety, and education. Whether in Washington DC, Olympia, or Seattle government offices, decisions are made that affect your children – and the PTA is there speaking on behalf of your children.

We invite you to join the Broadview Thomson PTA, attend the meetings and events, meet other families and teachers, and become involved in your students’ school. Please complete the membership form and return it to the Main Office/PTA box.