Check/Reimbursement Requests

To be reimbursed for an expense, you must follow the steps outlined below.  Expenses not pre-approved by the PTA Program Chair/Coordinator will not be reimbursed.

  1. Program Chair/Coordinator must approve expense PRIOR to submitting check/reimbursement request.
  2. Complete all items on the reimbursement form.  Reimbursement Form- BTK8 PTA
  3. Completed form and all receipts are required for check/reimbursement requests.
  4. Email completed form with receipts to (Only electronic submission will be accepted.)
  5. Check/reimbursement requests are processed monthly and will be available following the monthly PTA Board Meeting.  (For 2016-17 school year the Board meets 2nd Tuesday of every month.)
  6. RUSH or EXPEDITED requests, please contact the PTA Treasurer directly to make special arrangements.