BTK8 PTA Committees

Standing committees are key to PTA success at BTK8.   These committees help every single student in the entire BTK8 community – maximum impact and being of service!  Some committees are year-round, while others are project based.  As a committee chair, you will have a great foundation of resources, communication and technology that will make organizing and communicating easy–you will not shoulder this on your own.  Committee Chairs/Representatives are appointed annually or as needed by PTA President(s) and report to PTA Board.

For a list of all PTA Board & Committee position descriptions click here.

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Annual Auction Chair(s) & Committee

2017-18 Chairs:  Jill Ball, Marla Branch, Jodi McKeeman

Are you creative and love to party, or are you really good with managing a big project? Then the auction committee is for you! The Annual PTA Auction is our single biggest fundraiser at BTK8. Auction planning is a year-round endeavor, which means that – yes – we have already started to plan the 2018 auction! Planning meetings are held evenings at a location close to school once per month September – January, then twice per month February – March, then weekly in March leading up to the event.

After-School Activities Coordinator

2017-18 Coordinator:  OPEN

Seek out a wide variety of providers of after-school enrichment activities for K-8 students.  New activity ideas are welcome!  Schedule activities for Fall and Winter/Spring sessions, ensuring that they are spread among all the weekday afternoons.  Assist the activity providers in obtaining meeting rooms and permissions, and works as a liaison between the providers and the Seattle Public Schools.  Communicate activities & dates with PTA Communications Chair and school Main Office.

Box Tops Coordinator

2017-18 Coordinator:  Marla Branch

Food Program Coordinator

2017-18 Coordinator:  Sammy Woogerd

Grant Writer

2017-18 Wrtier:  Amy Poffenberger

IslandWood Chair(s) & Committee

2017-18 Chair:  Nathan Engman, OPEN

IslandWood is an amazing Outdoor Education Experience for the 5th grade cohort that requires significant fundraising ($250 per student/chaperone.)   The Chair coordinates all IslandWood fundraising efforts throughout the year, meets quarterly with the committee and 5th grade teachers to ensure that the fundraisers have proper volunteers and support from the school, reports fundraising efforts to the Board and trains incoming Chair.  The committee consists of two additional parents who lead individual IslandWood fundraising efforts.  Currently there are three fundraisers:  Tree Farm, Second Saturday Movie Nights and Car Wash/Chinook Book Sales.

Room Parent Coordinator

2017-18 Coordinator:  OPEN

Room parents are an important link between the PTA, classroom teachers and students’ families.  The Coordinator recruits and organizes Room Parents for K-5 grade classrooms, create roster of all Room Parents and distributes PTA information to Room Parents for dissemination to families.

Safety Committee Representative

2017-18 Representative:  OPEN

Student safety is of the highest priority at BTK8.  The Safety Committee Representative acts as a liaison between the PTA Board and the school administration on safety and emergency issues.  The Representative attends the monthly school Safety Committee meetings, offers input and advice from a parental perspective, and reports back to the PTA on school safety developments.

Special Education Families Liaison

2017-18 Liaison:  OPEN


Acorn Awards Coordinator

2017-18 Coordinator:  OPEN

The Acorn Award is an annual tradition at BTK8 each June.  The Coordinator works directly with the PTA to coordinate nominations from the staff and volunteer community to honor outstanding service to BTK8.  The Acorn Award is presented annually at the Volunteer Breakfast held at the end of each school year.

Art Walk Chair(s) & Committee

2017-18 Chair:  OPEN
2017-18 Committee Rep:  OPEN

Help create a family fun night of art and activities, all based on the creativity of the kids.

Giving Tree Coordinator(s)

2017-18 Coordinator:  Jenn McCue, OPEN
The Giving Tree is a BTK8 tradition during the holiday season.  The coordinator collects all the information from families requesting gifts, the creates tags to be displayed on the Giving Tree, the organizes gifts as they are returned, communicates with staff members involved in the program and informs requesting families when packages are ready for pick-up. Very rewarding position!

Multicultural Night Committee Representative

2017-18 Rep:  OPEN

Nominating Committee

2017-18 Committee:  OPEN

This committee is responsible for recruiting nominees for the PTA Executive Board positions (President(s), Vice-President(s), Treasurer(s) and Secretary(ies).)  The Committee is approved by a vote of PTA General Membership at the January meeting, then begins outreach to secure nominees by the end of May.  The PTA Executive Board is approved by a vote of the PTA General Membership at the June General PTA meeting.

Science Fair Coordinator

2017-18 Coordinator:  Gabe Webster

The annual BTK8 Science Fair occurs each spring. The Science Fair Coordinator is responsible for collaborating with the teachers to produce the student/parent information packet, schedule logistics with the school, lead the science fair fundraiser, and organize volunteers.

Staff Appreciation Coordinator

2017-18 Coordinator:  OPEN
Be the mastermind to thank BTK8 staff for all they do! Coordinate activities, food and treats for the teachers in November during parent/teacher conferences and for 1 week in the Spring. Volunteers are on hand and a budget is available.

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