How to Volunteer

“If you ever need a helping hand, it is at the end of your arm. As you get older you must remember you have a second hand. The first one is to help yourself. The second hand is to help others.”
– Audrey Hepburn

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Broadview Thomson K-8. BTK8 is composed of an incredibly diverse student population, and the school community that we have created is unique and special. Volunteers work at all levels of the school to help make BTK8 the very best school it can be. Opportunities include helping out to beautify the school grounds before the school year starts, helping stuff student orientation packets, organizing teacher and parent appreciation events, volunteering to serve on the PTA board, and volunteering at all-school events.

Being of service is an important philosophy we believe in at BTK8; by volunteering time and effort you become an integral part of what makes our school community amazing!

For the upcoming 2016-17 school year, we are requesting that each BTK8 family contributes a minimum of 5 hours of volunteer time directly to the school. This time can be spent helping at school events, PTA fundraisers, serving on the PTA board or helping on the school grounds. More information about this philosophy will be posted in the coming weeks here on this website.

Any questions about volunteers at BTK8 contact

Get Started Volunteering Today!

To get started, SPS requires all volunteers to complete the following:

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application Form (4 pages) and return it to the BTK8 Main Office along with a copy of your photo ID.
  2. View the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention Course online video.
  3. Read the Volunteer Handbook.

For more information, or information in your preferred language visit the SPS website: