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After-School Classes & Activities
BTPK-8 offers a variety of before and after-school activities which are sponsored directly by the school, or independent contractors that are secured by the BTK8 PTA, or the Bitter Lake Community Center (BLCC) in conjunction with Seattle Parks Department.  Some activities require a registration/supply fee. Aside from Broadview Thomson sports teams and select school clubs, many after-school activities are now organized through the 6crickets website.  Note that certain activities may be canceled if not enough students enroll, so tell your friends to sign up!

Questions? Suggestions? Email – we check emails weekly and will assist with any questions/concerns you may have.


Fall 2019 After-School Schedule

Art Wizards

Grades: 1 to 6
Times: Friday, 2:30 to 3:30 PM
Room: Cafeteria
Dates: 10/4 – 12/20/2019 (except 11/29)
Fee: $142.80 (includes all materials)

Description: The Art Wizards curriculum has been designed to teach children the skills of fine art while keeping them excited and encouraged to improve. With our class structure, students can see the progress they make, so they remain enthusiastic and motivated. Using a variety of media, (oil and chalk pastels, watercolor, pencil, charcoal and ink) children learn to see the way that artists do, and have fun with individualized, non-competitive lessons.

Chess Club

Grades: 1 to 6
Times: Tuesday, 2:30 to 3:30 PM
Dates: 10/8 – 12/17/2019 (except 11/15, 11/26)
Room: Cafeteria
Fee: $122.40

Description: Chess helps children build critical thinking skills and helps to learn focus and plan. Each class includes lesson presentation, chess puzzle-solving time and game-playing time. Chess Mates will provide student workbooks, chess sets and boards and other materials. All you need to be is eager to play and learn! Both beginner and intermediate players are welcome!


Strategic Kids: LEGO

Grades: 1 to 7
Times:  Monday, 2:30 to 3:30 PM
Dates: 10/7 – 12/16/2019 (except 11/11, 11/25)
Room: TBA
Fee: $110.16 (Scholarships available)

Description: Strategic Kids utilizes several hands-on curriculum from LEGO®. Each session teaches different concepts and uses different LEGO® kits. Students come away from the program with an understanding of basic engineering or architectural concepts and principles, basic science and mathematical principles and/or a variety of other topics in the language arts, social studies and even public speaking, problem solving and storytelling!

Made Sewing

Grades: 2 to 6
Times: Monday, 2:25 to 3:55 PM
Room: TBA
Dates: 10/7 – 12/16/2019 (except 11/11, 11/25)
Fee: $183.60

Description: Let’s jump into the exciting world of sewing! In this club we use both our hands and our handy machines to make oodles of fun projects that may include emojis, pajamas, aprons, messenger bags, zipper totes, infinity scarves, monsters and much, much, more. On the first day of class we survey our young sewists to come up with projects that are both fun and challenging for their experience level and interest. No experience necessary and all supplies/fun will be provided.


Grades: K to 5
Times: Thursday, 2:25 to 3:25 PM
Dates: 11/7/2019 – 5/28/2020
Room: TBA
Fee: $142 x 3 (installments)

Description: Sponge Spanish class is immersion based and it is designed to instill a love of language and culture while developing language skills.  Teachers use a communicative approach, with lots of movement, games, music, props and gestures that allow everyone to join in the fun.

Young learners are primed for language learning – research shows that students are 70% more likely to gain fluency when they begin in elementary school or younger.

Included: Access to our interactive online portal to practice language skills at home and a course activity book.

Registration: Click on the link below and then on “Register for 2019-20 Elementary Classes”.  Find the Broadview Thomson listing and use their registration system.  If you have any questions, email  Note that this activity requires a commitment through May, and here are no refunds after the 3rd session.


Coding with Kids


K to 2 (Little Coders)

3 to 5 (Game Development)

Times & Dates:

Tuesday, 2:25 to 3:25 PM (Little Coders), 10/8 – 12/17/2019 (except 11/26)

Wednesday, 1:20 to 2:20 PM (Little Coders), 10/9 – 12/18/2019 (except 11/27)

Thursday, 2:25 to 3:25 PM (Game Development), 10/10 – 12/12/2019 (except 11/28)
Room: TBA

Description: Little Coders learn the basics of computational thinking and coding. A fun blend of hands-on and virtual activities ranges from coding puzzles and board games to easy-to-use, drag-and-drop programming tools. New projects await every session!

In Game Development, students will learn how to develop games while practicing core coding concepts such as loops, conditionals, and variables. Intermediate students will take their work to more advanced level with multi-level mazes and platform games!

As this is a FREE program, space is limited.  Email Lauri McVicar with your name, address, parent, phone number, emergency contact, email, and which day you’re interested in.


Middle School Sports
Broadview Thomson 6th-8th graders are encouraged to participate in middle school sports! Coaches welcome both new and experienced players. Contact Ms. Sugiyama ( in Room 208 for more information.  All students need a current sports physical to play (good for 2 years).  You can pick up the paperwork from Ms. Sugiyama in Room 208.


Girls Varsity Soccer

Grades: 6 & 7 & 8
Practice Times: Monday & Thursday, 2:45 to 4:15 PM
Place: Bitter Lake Playfield
Dates: Begins 9/12
Game Times: Saturdays (times & locations vary)
Register: With Ms. Sugiyama (Room 208)
Varsity Coach: Mellissa Marquez

Co-Ed Varsity
Ultimate Frisbee

Grades: 6 & 7 & 8
Practice Times: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:45 to 4:15 PM
Place: Bitter Lake Playfield
Dates: Begins 9/10/2019
Game Times: Saturdays (times & locations vary)
Register: With Ms. Sugiyama (Room 208)
Varsity Coach: Jessica Wetter



Varsity & JV Girls Basketball

Grades: 6 & 7 & 8
Practice Times: TBD

Varsity Boys Basketball

Grades: 6 & 7 & 8
Practice Times: TBD


Boys Soccer

Grades: 6 & 7 & 8
Practice Times: TBD

Girls Volleyball

Grades: 6 & 7 & 8
Practice Times: TBD

Co-Ed Track

Grades: 6 & 7 & 8
Practice Times: TBD

After-School Care: BIG BLAST
Daily after-school care is available through the Bitter Lake Community Center known as Big Blast!

Register through Seattle Parks & Recreation (SPARC). Click here and select ‘Childcare and Out-of-School Time’ category on the left, location ‘Bitter Lake Annex/Broadview Thomson Elementary’ to sign up for ‘Childcare – After School (K-5).

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