Mariners Tickets - April 24 game

Thank you, community, for your enthusiasm at getting together for a Community Event at the April 24 Mariners game!  As you may know, we provided 300 Mariners baseball game tickets to this community, and they were all spoken for in about 18 minutes.  We guess that means you’re ready to get together!

For those of you who either need additional tickets, or who missed out on the free ones, we are now able to offer additional tickets for $22 per ticket, with no additional fees, which is still deeply discounted from their normal price.

  • Everyone who successfully submitted the form requesting tickets will get the 4 or fewer tickets that you signed up for.
  • Those of you who requested more than 4 tickets will not get more than 4 free tickets, but if you purchase more, we will make sure your household’s seats are together – be sure to enter the same email address so we can match your orders.
  • Children who are not yet 3 years old do not need a ticket to attend, but will not have a seat.
  • If you are not able to use your free tickets, please let us know so that we can re-assign them.
  • We will have ticket pick-up during school pick-up & drop-off times in another week or two. They are physical, paper tickets, not e-tickets.  If you can’t collect your tickets during pick-up or drop-off at school, we will make other arrangements.
  • Please do not forward this offer outside of our school community.  Supply is limited, and we’re offering these tickets to households with a student or staff member at Broadview-Thomson PK-8 only.
  • Sale of these tickets will only be open for a few days, but at least through Sunday, April 3.
  • Questions? Email us:
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