How to Volunteer
Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in anything you see here.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Broadview Thomson PK-8.  We rely on you to maintain and support programs and opportunities that might not be available to our students.

Volunteers work at all levels of the school to help make BTK8 the very best school it can be. Opportunities include one-time events as well as ongoing commitments.

We would love for our PTA volunteers and board members to better reflect the racial and cultural makeup of our school.  If there are barriers keeping you from volunteering that you think we might be able to address, we invite you to let us know.

Do You Have 1 Hour/Month?

We Get It – family/work/school keeps you busy. However, you don’t have to commit a lot of time to make a difference. Just an hour a month helping at school events, PTA fundraisers, or helping on the school grounds will make a BIG difference.  You can volunteer directly through the school by applying through the district to help out in classrooms, or you can consider one of these low-time-commitment PTA positions:

  • Box Top Coordinator
  • After School Events Coordinator
  • Food Program Volunteer
  • Legislative Chair
  • Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for other opportunities, or follow our FB page to see them as they get posted

Want to focus your efforts on one event?

Can you give a little more time during a concentrated period of time?  These positions are generally a few more hours per week, but only during a particular season or event.

  • Fundraising Chair
  • Islandwood Fundraising Chair
  • Giving Tree Coordinator
  • Arts Committee Chair

Ready for a bit more?

These positions are still “what you can give” as far as time-commitment, but include a bit more responsibility and leadership.  We always try to make sure these positions get well-trained by the person previously in the position, and automate processes as much as possible.  Many of them are elected board positions, and several are best-served by having 2 people in the position.

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Food Program Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator

2022-23 Open PTA Board Positions


President (elected) (skills: leadership, diplomatic, communication, able to lead meetings)
  • Responsible for the overall management of the BT PTA Lead the PTA toward the specific goals approved by the membership
  • Attend 1 half-day training near beginning of school year
  • Set the agenda for all PTA meetings and lead monthly Board of Directors meetings
  • Plan and lead three General Membership meetings
  • Be aware of and utilize resources from Seattle Council PTSA, State PTSA, and National PTSA
  • Review and update Standing Rules as needed
  • Complete Standards of Affiliation Agreement each year
  • Sign all binding agreements with third-party vendors and outside contractors
  • Meet regularly with the principal
  • Be aware of key dates, deadlines, and priorities for the school and BT PTA.
  • Disseminate and communicate all information received that is pertinent to BT PTA programs
Vice President (elected) (skills: flexibility, willing to jump in as needed)
  • Acts as an aide to the President and assumes duties as directed by the President
  • Attend 1 half-day training near beginning of school year
  • Preside at PTSA meetings when the president is unavailable
  • Work on any special projects as needed
  • Monitor and provide assistance to various committees
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings and General Membership meetings
Communications Coordinator (skills: writing, computer/tech proficient, diplomatic)
  • Responsible for managing communication between the BT PTA, parents, and staff, including all electronic mail, website maintenance and social media
  • Responsible for PTAs overall Communication Strategy – how, when, who, what
  • Ensure occasional email blasts for important reminders and promotions are distributed
  • Closely monitor the BT PTA calendar of events and update Google calendar and FB events as appropriate
  • Ensure web administrative duties, including maintaining current and relevant content on the BT PTA website, and FB page
  • Maintain the domain and troubleshooting if necessary

Attend monthly board meetings and General Membership meetings

Co-Treasurer (elected, will be fully trained by other Co-Treasurer) (skills: not afraid of numbers, detail-oriented)
  • Responsible for the financial operations of the BT PTA
  • Attend 1 half-day training near beginning of school year
  • Maintain full and accurate accounting records using financial software
  • Handle all deposits and disbursements of PTSA funds
  • Present a statement of all funds and activity at Board and General Membership meetings
  • Present a proposed annual operating budget for approval at the Spring General Meeting
  • Close the books at the end of each fiscal year
  • Ensure that tax returns and other federal and state compliance forms are accurately and timely filed
  • Send out donation acknowledgment letters to donors
  • Help create yearly BT PTA budget
  • Help facilitate the financial review of books and records as needed
  • Notify the President and Board of Directors of any financial concerns
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings and General Membership meetings
Secretary (elected) (skills: organized, listens well during meetings)
  • Responsible for recordkeeping and ensuring that PTA is operating in accordance with PTA bylaws
  • Attend 1 half-day training near beginning of school year
  • Work with Board of Directors to set the Board and General Membership meeting schedule for the year
  • Complete building use request forms at the beginning of each year to reserve school space for meetings
  • Distribute minutes of previous meetings for review
  • Maintain attendance records of Board and General Membership meetings
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings and General Membership meetings
  • Accurately record and publish the minutes of Board and General Membership meetings
  • Maintain all of the BT PTA’s legal documents according to the WSPTA Records Retention Requirements

Monitor and maintain a list of the training classes the Board of Directors attends throughout the year to meet the WSPTA training requirement

Food Program Coordinator (skills: communication, organization, passion for decreasing food insecurity)
  • Manage a spreadsheet listing how many food bags go to which classes
  • Via email, notify Ballard Food Bank how many bags/week BTK8 needs
  • Manage team of volunteers to do weekly pick up and distribution of food bags
  • Outreach to local organizations who have supported the food program in the past, and manage delivery of in-kind food donations.
  • Use Food Program funds to purchase emergency food used by the school
Middle School BLT Rep (skills: liaison between BLT and PTA, must be a Middle School parent)
  • Attend regular BLT (Building Leadership Team) meetings as well as monthly PTA board meetings
  • The BLT’s primary function is to promote and facilitate the collaborative decision making process which affects academic achievement and to oversee the facilitation and development of the Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP), professional development, and the school budget.
  • The BLT is made up of school staff, administrators and parent representatives.
Fundraising Chair
Islandwood Fundraising Chair
Giving Tree Coordinator
Special Education Chair
Box Top Coordinator
Legislative Chair
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